Mushroom Cloud

Mushroom Cloud!

This is ‘mushroom’ again, but this time in a symmetric pattern!

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12 responses to “Mushroom Cloud

  1. Hi , i’ve seen your draws on flickr and it’s beautiful. I’m looking for a calligraphic tattoo of word love in persian or farci. If you could help me it would be very nice! (i’m sorry for my english, i’m french). Thank you, Emilie.

  2. Please send me the name Joe in arabic.

  3. hi plz mail me my name in arabic

  4. hi could you email me the name Joe and Joseph in Arabic? Thank you

  5. hello. I was wondering if you could e-mail me the word “Forgiven” in farsi.

  6. @Joe, @ghfoor,
    I’ve emailed you with information regarding your tattoo questions. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Hi i wuz wonderin if u could
    plz e-mail me the
    name rahul in the nastaliq
    script…. I dont kno if it is
    possible…. Or even in
    arabic!!. And also the word
    redemption…. And
    forgiveness !! Thanks a

  8. can u please e-mail me the word “Mother ” in arabic or farsi… with a nice design .. pleaseeee

  9. @Rami
    I have sent you info regarding writing ‘Mother’ in Farsi (Persian).

  10. I would like the phrase “Forgive me twice over” and “ReAnna and Ashley” translated into all styles. That would be wonderful!

  11. Hi would u be so nice to send please!!me my name in persian or arabic and eternal love??
    thank u so much!!

  12. Hi! Thanks for your comments. I have been in touch with you.

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