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Where’s my Fork?

Where's my Fork?

This symmetric ‘fork’ design is created using the Naskh script and translation to Persian / Farsi.

Symmetric Forks

A skew-symmetric design of the word ‘Fork’, written in Nastaliq script and translated to Persian / Farsi.

Clash of the Spoons

Clash of the Spoons

A symmetrical design based on the word ‘spoon’, translated to Persian / Farsi and written using the Thuluth script. A simple design, but well balanced!

Two Spoons

Two Spoons

A Naskh calligraphy spoon design, translated to Persian / Farsi.

Once Upon a Spoon

Once Upon a Spoon

A symmetric design created using the Naskh script. Word translated to Persian / Farsi.

Seeing spoons

Seeing spoons

This is a symmetrical design based on a Shekasteh-Nastaliq writing of ‘spoon’, translated to Persian / Farsi.

Sky in Symmetry

Sky written in Farsi / Persian. Farsi (also known as Persian) using the Arabic alphabet. There is a symmetry play in this design.

Wheel variation 2

Wheel written in Farsi / Persian. Farsi (also known as Persian) which uses the Arabic alphabet.

Beautiful Symmetry with the word “iPod”

This is such a great symmetric layout! Again, it’s the word iPod, but it’s been arranged in a symmetric manner which creates the illusion of a a flower (or pentagon)!

Notice the circle in the centre. This has replaced the dots for the ‘P’ in order to increase the visual look of the design.

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